• About Have The EDGE

      Have The Edge is a boutique firm offering creative solutions in Business Consulting and Performance Coaching. We provide our clients with a wide range of programs and pride ourselves on rising to any challenge that may come your  way. We strive to build long-lasting relationships with you through excellent service and tangible value in concert with a unique, innovative, and client-centric approach to consulting/coaching.
    • Business Consulting

      Consulting (doing it for you vs. Coaching doing it with you).

      Have The Edge offers a curated assortment of corporate products to addresses various business requirements. We strive to empower you in the areas of strategy development, compliance, finance, and marketing. Have The Edge provides each corporate client with advisory plans that will not only enhance the company’s performance in the marketplace but will also save the owner(s) precious time and money.

    • Coaching

      Coaching (doing it with you – giving you tools to perform tasks vs. Consulting doing it for you).

      Have The Edge offers a curated assortment of coaching programs so that we can tailor a holistic solution that addresses each client’s individual needs and requirements. We strive to empower you in the areas of high performance, mindset for success, time management, conflict resolution, leadership skills and health and fitness. At Have The Edge, we provide each client with a targeted plan that will not only enhance their lives, improve their mindset but will also save them precious time and improve their financial level of success.

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Arthur Smolarkiewicz, the founder of Have The Edge, has been an advocate of health and fitness for many years, having competed in martial arts and bodybuilding and experiencing his own struggles with weight gain and body image. Have The Edge includes this service due to the founder’s passion and the belief that those with greater levels of health and fitness possess higher levels of tolerance for today’s corporate demands. Improved fitness is a key building block for self-confidence and usually leads to increased success in all facets of life thanks to the energy and vibrancy that fit people exude. Many studies confirmed the correlation between: Energy and fitness; Health and fitness; and even Self-esteem/state of mind and fitness (“The aim of the research was to measure the relationship in the amount of exercise and psychological well- being in a broadly based sample. … It has been found that better fitness leads to feelings of physical worth as exercise improves self-esteem perception” – McAuley et al. 2000).

At Have The Edge, we believe that a consistent exercise regimen coupled with healthy nutrition is the only equation for achieving your health and fitness goals. People truly are what they eat…but not only physically – the food people put in their body can even affect their achievement of success – for good or for bad. Have The Edge does not subscribe to fad diets and gimmick workouts. We build nutritional and exercise programs customized to our clients’ needs and preferences. Our team can provide you with the tools to lose a few unwanted inches all the way to reaching extreme fitness goals.

We assist with:

  • Defining Fitness Goals and Benchmarks;
  • Creating Nutritional Plans;
  • Developing Custom Workout Programs; and
  • Personal Fitness Monitoring and Coaching.