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At Have The Edge, we strive to consult/coach organizations and leaders with innovative technical tools and mindsets to reach their ultimate potential


Customer Commitment – We always work to provide excellent service and develop relationships that make a positive difference in our clients lives.

Continuous Efficiency – We continuously improve our practices and procedures to ensure the growth and efficient delivery of our services. 

Integrity & Transparency  – We uphold the highest standards of integrity & transparency and work to uphold  clarity of operations .

Teamwork – We work together across networks to meet the needs of our clients

Accountability – We are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments. Success for our clients is success for Have The Edge.


Have the Edge, a consulting firm offering solutions in obtaining Optimal organizational, cultural, and personal performance. We pride in rising to any challenge that our clients face and refine our programs to your unique needs. We strive to build long-lasting relationships through service, excellence, tangible value, innovation, and a client-centric approach in consulting/coaching.

Arthur Smolarkiewicz, the founder of Have the Edge, realized that frequently consulting projects fail during implementation. The reason? The continuation of the mindset which existed prior to the proposed alterations.  

He reflected that in many cases when  failure occurs, consultants blame the lack of success on the client’s lack of motivation and/or sophistication. This view is not considering the mental and cultural mindset requirements. Arthur proposed that only with a new perspective and mindset, such projects can succeed. 

Our consulting/coaching model is  multiservice, tying all objectives into one; helping your business succeed. It combines corporate consulting understanding and small to medium size business cultural mindsets.  Our expert consultants and partners work harmoniously to provide our clients with a seamless consultative experience. We work with clients’ businesses and/or lives, saving them precious time through reaching objectives more efficiently and effectively.

The Team

meet our professionals

Arthur Smolarkiewicz

MBA, CPA, CMA - Founder

Arthur Smolarkiewicz, the founder of Have the Edge, is passionate about coaching people and organizations to achieve their utmost potential. His consulting experience spans across businesses, non-profit organizations, and the public sector. With 20 years of practice including business ownership, CEO, COO, and CBDO experience, he truly understands the challenges facing businesses in today’s economy.Arthur’s experience and expertise in business and leadership started with founding Leading Edge Martial Arts and Fitness, a successful Ottawa-based studio. While building the business, Arthur dove into an MBA program and then acquired a CPA designation. Following the sale of his business, Arthur continued his career at KPMG as a consultant and then as a C-Level executive in several privately held Canadian service providers. 


Throughout his career, Arthur distinguished himself through his attention to detail, personal touch, fresh thinking, and friendly approach. Have the Edge is a synthesis of Arthur’s past entrepreneurial, corporate, and persona experiences and embodies many of his developed principles and values.

John Coutts

-Senior Associate

John Coutts is an experienced finance and accounting manager with progressive experience in both the public and private sectors. He possesses a strong understanding of controllership and financial analysis principles.  


His experience includes working with financial systems within operations and project management. John accepts the increasing importance of technology in finance activities and holds the expertise to incorporate various technological systems. He worked closely with executives and customers to increase the profitability within their organizations.





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