Have The Edge offers a curated assortment of counselling programs with tailored holistic solutions addressing a team’s or client’s needs and requirements. We strive to empower in the areas of high performance, time management, leadership skills, and goal attainment! We provide a targeted plan that will level up individuals and improve mindsets to enable optimal performance.

Performance Mindset counselling arms you with systems, techniques and development of habits that deal with today’s fast-paced life, not by hiding from it, but by mastering it. We want to give you the EDGE and enable you to feel limitless.


Not hitting your targets?

Lacking direction and clarity?

Struggling with the fear of failure, fear of change?

Don’t know who to trust?

Entrepreneurs and business professionals often find themselves caught in a cycle where they expend great deals of effort yet don’t make any forward progress. Is it just fleeting bad luck or could it be something else?

The Mindset Edge program explores the mindsets required to succeed in any new (or existing) venture, career or life in general. It empowers individuals to break through mental limitations, become self-aware, and reach previously unattainable results. The Performance Mindset methodology is rooted in the intersect between our belief systems and our perception of reality. You will discover the mental blind spots that restrict your thinking, govern your choices and affect behaviour. Once these limiting factors are exposed, you will work with our team to discover the path of sustainable success that works for you.



“Why am I not hitting my goals?”

“Why is my to-do list getting longer?”

“Why do I not have enough time for anything?”

Are nagging questions like this keeping you up at night? Do they leave you feeling frustrated and powerless? If so, let’s empower you through Action EDGE.  This program explores the actions required to overcome procrastination and whatever else is holding you back from hitting your goals once again.

Are you READY? Then let’s get SET and GO! In this counselling program, we explore ways to reach your personal flowstate by eliminating hindrances such as procrastination and perfectionism. We then build you a solid foundation for the future through proven productivity systems (E.g., time management, scheduling, planning).

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