Performance Consulting


"Building your Performance game plan"

Have The Edge provides you with advisory services suited for your business at any stage. Whether you would like to start, grow, or enhance the performance of your organization, we will provide you with the necessary tools and mindset required for a success. We are here to empower you and your company in the areas of strategy, marketing, accounting, and operations. Our cutting edge perspective will help you attain your goals and reach your full potential.


At Have The Edge, we work with you to tackle all the realities and challenges of starting a new business. Frequently, passionate individuals in their drive to take action, start their new business without first documenting their plans, developing their tools and establishing their networks. It is not a mystery why 70% of new businesses fail, with over 20% of them not reaching their one year anniversary. Have The Edge will arm you with the right tools, contacts, information and mindset to give you the EDGE in your new venture.


Leading Edge diagnostic

"The light that Reveals all"

The Leading Edge Diagnostic (L.E.D.) program sheds light on, reveals and/or confirms your suspicions about the sources of potential shortcomings in your organization. Once the diagnosis is established, the program proposes a plan of action which may involve the adoption of new processes and controls, implementation of new business models, organizational restructuring and shifting your mindset. 

L.E.D. Examines the following aspects

  • Business Strategy
  • Marketing Efforts
  • Financial Controls
  • Human Resources Management
  • Operational Efficiencies
  • Organizational Mindset


“Performance Strategy Through Systematization”

Our Strategic Edge framework has been tailored to address and assist clients in creating and implementing strategic business improvements. Transformational projects may involve the adoption of new processes and controls, the implementation of new business models, organizational restructuring, and shifting of cultural and executive mindset. The business improvement process is broken down into four distinctive value propositions (levels 1-4).

“The Clarity” – Understanding all processes and strategic alignment of Mission, Vision and Mandate.

“The Shift” – Identification of the current “state of play” of the business and its competitive position with recommendations for improvement.

“The Integrate” – Assistance and guidance with business transformation.

“Control” – Monitoring outputs and variance from planned course of action.





discovery session

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