Performance Coaching


While progression is an important focus at Have The Edge, just as important is company culture and mindset. Have The Edge includes coaching for organizations and leaders with focus on growth and innovation. This cutting edge perspective ensures success and ease of implementation.

Have The Edge offers coaching programs that tailors  solutions to meet individual needs and requirements of our clients. We strive to empower areas of high performance, a mindset for success, time management, conflict resolution, leadership, health and fulfillment. At Have The Edge, we provide each client with a targeted plan that will not only enhance their lives and improve their mindset, but will save time and improve financial success. 



"Without the right mindset you have nothing "

Why am I not hitting my targets?? Why don’t I feel fulfilled? …Why am I working so hard and not getting ahead.

We all ask ourselves many of these questions, and can sometimes feel lost and confused.  

Thoughts occupying our minds; some can unnecessarily clutter and slow down our mental state. A wrong mindset limits our perception of Reality. To be Limitless is to transcend all unnecessary forms of thinking. To be Limitless is to be without limits, without barriers and free from mental clutter.

Arthur Smolarkiewicz and team Have The Edge works with you to regain control of your life. Though understanding and development of growth and innovative mindset as well as formation of conducive habits you will hit targets and attain limitless performance.


Action Edge

“Limitless Results Through Consistent ACTION”

Are you ready? Set … GO! 

In this coaching program, Have The Edge provides methods to help take the necessary action to overcome challenges in maintaining a business and/or career. The program explores procrastination, perfectionism, flow state, time management and scheduling. 

We assist with:

  • Clarity of Goals
  • Target Proficiency
  • Financial Proficiency
  • Time Management
  • Systems Proficiency
  • Planning Proficiency
  • Leadership of Self and Others





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Book a complimentary  45-min session right now, to Have The Edge in life and business.  

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