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Daniel Francis is a public speaker, stutter coach, and an expert in communication. He was born with a severe stutter which limited his speech and lowered his self-esteem all throughout his childhood and early adulthood. Since this was a genetic disposition, and because Daniel never outgrew his speech impediment in his teen years, it was believed that he would never be able to overcome it.

However, with many dedicated years of confronting the one thing that most people who stutter avoid, Daniel was not only able to overcome his stuttering, he was able to master his stutter and speak with confidence through his own methodologies of public speaking!

Daniel began his journey by speaking on 100+ stages to audiences of up to 1000 people. Then further developed his skill set by working in the door-to-door business for several years, and by the age of 25 he became the Executive Director of a multi-million-dollar sales organization that he helped build from the ground up. It started with him as one of the only employees in his division and he was able to recruit more than 200 sales representatives to be on his team. Not only did he have to recruit, but he mentored and coached his team on effective communication, leadership, and personal development. Through his leadership, it was able to become the 7-figure business that it was.

With all of that being said and a true entrepreneur at heart, Daniel has always had a life-long passion of helping people become the best versions of who they truly are, and wanted to help people overcome their stutter just like he did. He understood the pain it caused to many and knew that there was an alternative approach to overcoming stuttering, and needed to share it with the world. That is why Daniel created a company called, Overcoming Stuttering, to do exactly that! In his new coaching program, Master Your Stutter, he helps people who stutter/stammer overcome their life-long stuttering by learning the mechanics and strategies of public speaking. He truly believes that, “if I can teach someone who stutters, and is afraid of speaking to others to learn how to public speak, then I can teach them how to overcome one of their biggest challenges in life!” -Daniel Francis

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