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Natalia Juarez, a Breakup Coach & Dating Strategist, is often asked, “how did you end up doing this?” The simple answer is that Natalia, like many of us, has experienced painful breakups. However, this Toronto-based visionary has re-imagined healing and the path to overcoming heartbreak. She went from the sorrow of a broken engagement at the age of 30 to discovering the secret to drama-free love and helping hundreds of men and women from around the world. Her delicate hand has a firm grip on how to move forward and break from both the patterns and the past, helping those trying to get over a breakup, thinking about one, or even avoiding an unnecessary one.

Today, Natalia is a successful relationship coach who specializes in helping men and women through the entire spectrum of breakups or divorce, from helping them to recover from heartbreak to winning back an ex, to finding new love. Along with Team Limitless Mindset, Natalia hosts seminars and courses in the areas of mindset for fulfillment, goal-setting, and taking the action required for success in life and love.

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